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Class teacher education

Studies in the Programme

Students in class teacher education complete a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree comprising 180 ECTS credits and a Master of Arts (Education) degree comprising 120 ECTS credits, the completion of which takes approximately five years. The major subject studies entail 60 ECTS credits of pedagogical teacher studies. In addition to the main subject studies, the degree also comprises subject didactic studies, supervised teaching placements and minor subject studies, as well as language and communications studies. The subject didactic studies are a minor subject required for the qualification of class teacher, which focuses on the teaching and learning of subjects and themes in basic education in Finnish schools. It possible to choose minor subjects in subjects offered by the students’ own department or by the other faculties at the university or other universities.

The teaching in teacher education at the University of Helsinki is based on research. The studies are interactive and comprise lectures, group studies and projects, as well as teaching placement periods in the university’s teacher training school and field schools.

Degree requirements are available in WebOodi ( Course catalogues » Faculty of Behavioural Sciences » Department of Teacher Education » Class teacher section