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EQ - U N I  - 
European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education
Eq-uni is a new European discussion list for all those interested in gender equality issues in higher education. To subscribe, send to MAJORDOMO@HELSINKI.FI an email message SUBSCRIBE EQ-UNI

Eq-uni list is an outcome of the First European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, which was held in Helsinki, Finland in August 30 - September 1, 1998 and which brought together 150 participants from 21 countries. The list owner is the University of Helsinki, Finland, and the moderators of the list are Liisa Husu and Marja Nykanen. 

The purpose of the list is to discuss and share information on gender equality in higher education in Europe from practical and theoretical points of view. The emphasis of the list is on identifying strategies and good practices for the enhancement of gender equality in higher education. 

The list is intended for all those dealing with gender equality issues in higher education in Europe, e.g. researchers, teachers, administrators and students. The list currently has already over 250 subscribers from 30 countries. 

If you have problems in joining eq-uni, please contact list moderators Liisa Husu (liisa.husu@helsinki.fi) or Marja Nykanen (marja.nykanen@helsinki.fi)

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