Student services and faculty study offices

Student Services on the Campuses

The Student Services is an all-round information and advice centre for issues concerning studies and student life at the University of Helsinki. The Student Services has services and personnel on three of the University Campuses: City Centre (the largest unit with most comprehensive services), Kumpula and Meilahti. The Student Services gives advice on enrolment and various study options to students.

For international student admissions, the Admissions Services has an Admissions Adviser and an English-speaking service channel. See How to Apply Web site for more information on international admissions.

Annual student registrations are carried out at the Student Services. Note that these units issue transcripts of records to students. Students pick up their Faculty Programme Books (the Study Guides), as well as other study-related material, at these service units. Here degree students may also acquire discount vouchers for transportation and travel, as well as authorised certificates for various purposes. The campus units in Centre and Kumpula also give general information on Student Financial Aid as well as on other scholarships and grants.

The study offices of the Faculties

Each Faculty has a Faculty Office and personnel for student guidance and counselling for issues conserning studies. There isĀ also an adviser or a co-ordinator specialised for international student guidance.

More information can be found on the faculty Web sites .