Libraries of the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki library system includes two large entities: Helsinki University Library (HUL), also known as the National Library of Finland, and the University of Helsinki libraries. The University libraries include campus libraries, faculty libraries, department libraries and the Undergraduate Library. Library services are offered on the all four campuses: City Centre, Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki.


The University of Helsinki holds Finland's oldest and most extensive collection of scientific literature, totalling over nine million volumes. This constitutes a good third of all the academic collections in the country.

HELKA, the online catalogue with unrestricted access, contains information on Helsinki University libraries' collections and the availability of materials. In addition, the University of Helsinki libraries have a large collection in electronic format: e-journals, reference databases and e-books. Using these sources requires permission to access the data networks of the University of Helsinki. Other users may access the services through workstations in the libraries.


The principal libraries of the University of Helsinki are open to everybody. To borrow books, a library card – so called HELKA card – is needed.

Nearly all the library services can be used free of charge with student identification. In addition to lending services, the libraries provide e.g. online search and study facilities. The libraries also provide user guidance in information search and retrieval. Libraries' information services are usually free of charge. However, the more extensive information searches are priced as indicated on the library services' price list.

The libraries, particularly the Undergraduate Library and Campus libraries, are well stocked with textbooks and other coursework material. Their reading rooms are comfortable and open late for hard-working students. Individual faculties and departments also maintain their own libraries and usually have a limited stock of their textbooks.

Libraries on the Web

A good place to search information about various libraries is the Libraries' Web site. Nearly all you need to know about the libraries of the University of Helsinki and their services is collected on this English-speaking website.