Finnish, Swedish and other language studies

Language Centre - a variety of courses for degree students

All university undergraduate and some graduate degrees include language studies: Finnish or Swedish as well as one or two other languages. These courses are usually arranged by the Language Centre.

In addition to obligatory courses, the Language Centre offers a vast variety of other language courses. Within the limits of the degree regulations, students can enrich their degrees by studying various foreign languages – from Arabic to Spanish. The Language Centre has also a Language Lab and Self-Access Computer Lab open for all students for independent language studies.

English and Swedish for international students

The Language Centre offers courses in English and Swedish language for international students. Please note that the English courses are intended for degree students only. Regretfully, exchange students do not have a permission to participate in the English language courses.

Finnish for international students

International degree and exchange students can study Finnish language on the courses arranged by the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies. The Department offers Finnish courses for beginners and more advanced students as well as for students who already have a solid command of spoken and written Finnish.

Open-enrolment courses in Finnish and other languages

The Language Services – a section of the Language Centre for non-students – also offers Finnish, Swedish and other language studies as open-enrolment courses. You do not need to be an enrolled student of the University. These courses are liable to fees.

In addition, Finnish and Swedish courses for foreigners are arranged by the Helsinki Summer University for fee-paying clients.