Special arrangements in teaching, studies and exams

If you have a disability, an illness or a learning disability, you might need some special arrangements to be able to complete your studies.

The Student Services offer centralised services for the disabled students and other students with special needs. Special arrangements can mean arrangements in participating in lessions or examinations: accessing lecture rooms with a wheel chair, needing more time in taking an exam, etc.

You can read more about the special arrangements on the university intranet Flamma (requires a University of Helsinki user ID).

There is also a student adviser especially for students with disabilities and those who need special arrangements in their studies. You can contact the student adviser if you need more information or help with arrangements: vammaisneuvonta@helsinki.fi

Organisation for students with learning disabilities

Within the Student Union of Helsinki (HYY) acts an organisation, Erilaiset oppijat r.y., that gives support to students who are so called "different kinds of learners", i.e. students with various learning disabilities. The organisation was establish in 2004. For more information, see HYY web pages for the contact information on the Student Union's Secretary of Social Affairs.