Courses in English

This page is a starting point of access to information about the courses that are offered in English at the University of Helsinki.

The following information can be found on the page.

At the end of the page you can find links to the 11 Faculties’ course information at the UH. This is the way to find the courses provided by your own Faculty!

Via this page you can access course information and courses taught entirely or partly in English. Some of the courses might be especially aimed at international students. Finnish and Swedish as a foreign language courses are open to all incoming students.

The links at the end of the page guide you either to the websites/study guides of the Faculties or in some cases straight to the University’s WebOodi study and course information system.


Some of the Faculties have listed the courses only in WebOodi. You do not have to log in in order for you to search for courses and teaching. In WebOodi the courses are listed according to Faculty, Department and level of studies. Further instructions can be found in the WebOodi Quick Guide (in the menu on the left).

To register for the courses you need a user ID for the University network. International students will receive their computer user ID during the Orientation course.

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No course information?

When any of the course details have not been indicated, contact the appropriate department or the International Affairs Coordinator of the faculty for more detailed information. Please see the contact information on the Student Exchange at the UH website.

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Restrictions in attending courses

In the majority of cases non-degree students (scholarship holders and exchange students) have non-restricted access to courses within their own subject and most of the other courses given in English, but some restrictions may apply.

Subjects/disciplines such as English philology and some other foreign languages, Economics, Psychology, Communication, Political Science, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine have restrictions regarding acceptance both for local and exchange students. More detailed information concerning the rights of exchange students and other non-degree students to participate in courses is best obtained from the International Affairs Coordinator at the appropriate faculty.

N.B! Exchange students have no right to attend any of the English courses offered by the Language Centre.

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Course levels

The courses at the University of Helsinki are offered on three levels (Basic / Intermediate or Subject / Advanced). Some courses require previous studies in the subject/discipline in question. The following terminology will help you to find out if the course is suitable for you:

  • Basic studies (or “perusopinnot” in Finnish, grundstudier in Swedish): Bachelor’s level courses, do not usually require previous studies in the subject.  
  • Subject studies or Intermediate studies (or “aineopinnot” in Finnish, ämnesstudier in Swedish): Bachelor’s level courses, intermediate level, require some previous studies, mainly for 2nd or 3rd year students of the subject.
  • Advanced studies (or “syventävät opinnot” in Finnish, fördjupade studier in Swedish): Master’s level courses, for students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or have the same level of knowledge.

Please note that depending on the course level, departments have the right to decide whether the student has enough previous studies to participate.

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