Career services

The main goal of the Career Services of the University of Helsinki is to make the transition into the working life easier for the students of the University. The Career Services have services for the University's degree students, recent graduates and Alumni members. The Career Services offer advice and information on job hunting, career planning, internships in Finland and abroad, graduate destinations, etc.

Expert on academic employment issues

The Career Services are an expert unit in the University administration focusing on academic employment issues. The Career Services also act as an important link between the University and working life.


The Career Services offer services on the University Intranet Flamma (requires a University of Helsinki username and password). A job database RekryForum offers a meeting place for employers and University of Helsinki students and graduates, Use RekryForum to look for vacancies and internships, Master's thesis assignments and events.

Internship at the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki does not have a central recruitment unit, so the best way to find a placement is to contact interesting units directly. All the departments of the University are listed at

Below are some basic tips how to get started when you're seeking a placement in Finland:

- Very few placements are announced publicly, so do not wait for the announcements of suitable vacancies. Instead, you should seek out interesting employers and discuss about internship possibilities. Make a good CV in good English and contact employers directly.

- The Finnish Academic Career Services network has built a website called Aarresaari concerning how to apply a job in Finland.

- The Career Services' list of tips for job hunting is available on the website of the Career Services.