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Institute of Behavioural Sciences
Speech Sciences
Siltavuorenpenger 1 A
PO Box 9
00014 University of Helsinki
tel. 02941 29342

Education programme in Logopedics


Bachelor’s Degree (180 points)


Language and communication studies (10 p)

Studies in language and communication techonology (5 p)

Basic studies in logopedics (25 p)

Development of speech, language and communication (8 p)

-phonological development (2 p)
-semantic development (2 p)
-morpho-syntactical development (1 p)
-socialization into the language community (3 p)

Basic in speech sciences (6 p)

-introduction to logopedics (2 p)
-introduction to general phonetics (2 p)
-introduction to speech communication (2 p)

Speech and voice (5 p)

-voice and voice quality (2 p)
-speech production (1,5 p)
-speech perception (1,5 p)

Augmentative and alternative communication (3 p)

Methods I

Introduction to research questions in logopedics (3 p)


Intermediate studies in logopedics (70 p)

Logopedic diagnostics and rehabilitation (28 p)

-developmental and acquired speech, language and communication disorders in children (6 p)
-speech, language and communication disorders in adults (6 p)
-voice disorders (4 p)
-fluency disorders (3 p)
-speech, language and communication disorders related to hearing impairments (3 p)
-eating and swallowing disorders (3 p)
-optional courses (3 p)

Methods II (19 p)

-notation of audio and video materials (4 p)
-basics in qualtitative methods (4 p)
-basics in quantitative methods (4 p)
-history and philosophy of science (3 p)
-proseminar (4 p)

Clinical studies I (17 p)

-introduction to professional skills and  practices (5 p)
-supervised clinical practice (4 clients á 3 p)

Bachelor’s thesis: case study (6 p)


Studies in medicine (15 p)

Functional anatomy and physiology (4 p)

Neurology (5 p)

-basics in neurology (3 p)
-child neurology (2 p)

Psychiatry (3 p)

-child psychiatry (1,5 p)
-adult psychiatry (1,5 p)

ENT diseases and basics in audiology (3 p)


Studies in linguistics (15 p)

Introduction to acoustics of speech (3 p)

Basics in general linguistics (3 p)

Sign language (3 p)

-theory and practice

Studies in Finnish/Swedish (6 p)


Basic studies in psychology (25 p)

Optional studies (15 p)

-studies in linguistics, phonetics, speech communication, and behavioural sciences, methodological studies


Master’s Degree (120 points)


Advanced studies in logopedics (100 p)


Research questions in logopedics (10 p)

-annually changing cources in the research of speech, language and communication

Written examination (5 p)

Methods III (15 p)

-optional methods ( 5p)
-seminar (10 p)

Clinical studies II (5 p)

-group and/or individual cases in multiprofessional teams

Clinical studies III (25 p)

-4-month supervised practice

Master’s thesis (40 p)


Optional studies (20 p)

-linguistics, behavioural sciences, methodological studies, other studies


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