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Education programme in Speech and Language Therapy

Education programme in Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) at the University of Helsinki, Finland

The SLT programme at the University of Helsinki is one of the five SLT programmes in Finland and it is situated within the Speech Sciences at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences. The academic prerequisite to enter the SLT programme is Baccalaureat /A-level. Additionally, a written and oral entrance exam has to be passed to begin the studies in the programme. The students are accepted directly to the SLT programme. The yearly intake is 20 students.

The Bologna process has been implemented since 2005 (?). Both first and second cycle studies, 300 ECTS in total, are required to obtain the M.A. degree. Only after obtaining the M.A. degree can the graduate become accredited to work as a SLT.  The studies include theoretical studies in logopedics, psychology, linguistics and medicine, as well as studies in scientific research methods and writing, including both a B.A. and an M.A. thesis. There is also a considerable amount of clinical practice included. 

After completing the M.A. degree it is possible to continue with PhD studies in logopedics. Speech Sciences has active research ongoing in different areas of logopedics/speech and language therapy.

There are about 1100 SLTs in Finland at the moment. The population of Finland is about 5.3 million. 
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