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Research on speaking styles

No natural language is always spoken the same way. Each speaker of a language masters several speaking styles that are changed according to company and speech situation. This kind of phonetic variability is an important object of study in Speech Sciences. Currently, comparative work is being done on informal conversational speech and read-aloud speech. Previously, the prosodic properties of Finnish, English and German radio and tv broadcasts have been compared, and the stylistic differences between old and more recent Finnish radio and tv reports have been investigated.


2001-2004: Spontaneous Speech of Typologically Unrelated Languages (Russian, Finnish and Dutch): Comparison of Phonetic Properties (rahoittajina INTAS, hanke nro 00-00915 sekä Suomen Akatemia, projekti Finnish and Russian prosody and the effect on segments)

PhD theses under preparation

Mietta Lennes: Phonetic variability in spontaneous Finnish speech (Graduate School of Language Technology in Finland, part of NGSLT - Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology)


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