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Spanish Philology
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Studies in Spanish philology will benefit you if you are interested in the following topics:

  • working in a fascinating and exotic culture,
  • Spanish or Latin American music,
  • high-quality and interesting literature, or
  • linguistic structures and the origin of words.

As about 400 million people speak Spanish, competence in the language will open the door to a large and rich cultural area. Spanish-speakers are needed in wide-ranging duties: teachers, translators, and language experts in businesses and international organisations. Graduates are successful in finding employment.

In addition to studies that develop practical language skills, the degree requirements and teaching of Spanish philology consist of the study of different areas of linguistics, as well as Spanish literature and cultural history. The studies focus on the Spanish language and Spanish culture found in Europe and in Latin America and Africa. The studies give students the opportunity to graduate with the skills needed for a variety of professions.


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The University of Helsinki has the privilege of being the only Nordic university at which it is possible to study all the Romance languages of the Iberian peninsula: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician and Catalan. Courses in Basque are also given yearly.

Catalan Philology

It is possible to study a 25 ECTS credit minor subject block or individual study modules in Catalan Philology at the University of Helsinki. Studies in Catalan Philology provide the students with an overview of the Catalan language as well as Catalan literature, history and culture and offer a philological foundation for futher studies and research of the Catalan language. Catalan Philology is particularly well-suited as supplementary studies for students of Romance Languages but teaching is open to all students at the University of Helsinki.

Galician Philology

It is possible to study a 25 ECTS credit minor subject block or individual study modules in Galician Philology at the University of Helsinki. On the one hand, the aim of the studies is to provide the students with a basic knowledge of Galician and, on the other hand, to provide them with a philological foundation for further studies and research of Galician. Study of Galician is particularly well-suited for students of Portuguese and those interested in language history. Galician is an old language which has retained many of the features that have disappeared from other languages spoken on the Iberian peninsula. Other students than those of Spanish or Portuguese Philology are also welcomed to participate in the courses provided they possess adequate Spanish or Portuguese skills.