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The University of Helsinki has the privilege of being the only Nordic university at which it is possible to study all the Romance languages of the Iberian peninsula: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician and Catalan. Courses in Basque are also given yearly.

Galician and Catalan follow Spanish and Portuguese as the most widely spoken Romance languages on the Iberian peninsula. Galician, which is closely related to Portuguese, is an official language of the autonomous region of Galicia, situated in northeastern Spain. Catalan, a Gallo-Romanic language, is an official language in Catalonia (situated in northwestern Spain) as well as in Valencia and on the Balearic islands. The studies of Catalan and Galician philology introduce the students to the Catalan and Galician languages, literature, history and culture. A half-module is available in these subjects. They are recommended especially to students of Romance languages, but also to others who need varied language skills.

Part of the teaching is funded by foreign institutions: one of the Portuguese language lectureships is funded by the Camões Institute, which is under the Portuguese Foreign Ministry. Another important partner is the autonomous government of Galicia, Xunta de Galicia, whose funding is used to organize Galician teaching and to acquire Galician literature. The teaching of Catalan is supported by the autonomous government of Catalonia, Generalitat de Catalunya.

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