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Rauni Strömmer
Professor, Soil Ecology

phone: +358 9 191 20313
e-mail: rauni.strommer[at]

Department of Environmental Sciences, Lahti
University of Helsinki
Niemenkatu 73
FIN-15140 Lahti

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A special emphasis of Soil Ecology Research Group is N cycling in ecosystems. Among the processes in N cycling, the focus of the present research is in nitrification and its regulation.

The research will consist of two parallel proceeding themes:

1) determining gross rates of nitrification in samples from the field sites (agricultural fields, pastures, forests), which differ from each others in properties proposed to regulate nitrification, and
2) surveying and quantifying autotrophic ammonia oxidising microorganisms (AOMs) and their functional genes. By studying both the processes and organisms in the same context, we aim to get a better understanding about the mechanisms controlling soil N dynamics. For studying the communities, the molecular tools will be used. Process rates of N transformations will be studied by using 15N techniques to quantify gross N transformation rates.

Other recent studies concern diversity of ectomycorrhizal communities in Pb contaminated forest soil, and the impact of wood ash as a fertilizer on ectomycorrhizae and microbial processes in forest soils.

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