How to Get Started

Faculty Office:
Unioninkatu 37 (P.O. Box 54)
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone +358 294 1911 (University)
Fax +358-2941 24835
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Orientation Course for Exchange and Visiting Students




12:00 First tutor meeting
Venue: Snellmaninkatu 12, Swedish School of Social Science, 1st floor, Festival Hall
The new students meet their tutors and tutor groups are formed.

14:00 - Welcome Fair
Venue: Language Centre, Fabianinkatu 26
At the Welcome Fair students can receive attendance certificates, user IDs and passwords, travel card forms etc. Students go to the Welcome Fair together with their tutor.


9:15 – 11:00    Faculty Presentations
Venue: Unioninkatu 35, 1st floor, auditorium 116

  • Welcome words, presentation of the University of Helsinki and the Mobility Services
  • Presentation of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Swedish School of Social Science, and the Faculty of Law  
  • Aleksanteri Institute
  • The Student Union of the University of Helsinki
  • CISSI (student organization of the Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Student organization of the Faculty of Law

11:00 – 18:00   ICT orientation
Venue: Aleksandria K133 (Fabianinkatu 28), U40 room 19 atk (Unioninkatu 40) and Soc&kom IT-sal (Snellmaninkatu 12)

The ICT orientation lasts two hours and it gives the student a short introduction to computer and e-mail use at the university as well as to the use of the WebOodi-system. The students attend the course with their tutor groups. More information about the exact time and place is available from the tutors at the beginning of the Orientation course. Please check the classroom of your session here.

The tutor groups are divided in groups for the