Overview of Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies can be divided into two degrees: Licentiate of Social Sciences and Doctor of Social Sciences.

A Licentiate of Social Sciences is a lower, optional post-graduate degree, mainly composed of independent research. The objective of the degree is to prove the student´s ability to use scholarly research methods. There is another type of licentiate´s degree in social work which aims at professional specialization.

For the Doctor´s degree (Doctor of Social Sciences) the candidate must write a dissertation. After receiving publishing permission from the Faculty, the candidate must defend the dissertation in a public examination which is organized as a debate between the candidate and an opponent or occasionally two opponents.

In addition of an approved doctoral dissertation (or a Licentiate thesis), a postgraduate degree consist of postgraduate studies (60 ECTS in minimum).

One can apply for a doctoral study right in accordance of instructions on the left side, and for a Licentiate degree in professional specialization via SOSNET, but one cannot get a study right for general Licentiate degree (study right is directly applied for and admitted to doctoral studies).

Here you will find more information about postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences (see topics in the left column).