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Social Psychology is part of the Department of Social Research.

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Social Psychology is one of the disciplines under the Department of Social Research, located within The Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Helsinki.

Social psychology is concerned with the systematic study of humans and their interactions with social environments. The discipline seeks to describe, understand and explain human action and relations within a social context.

Typically, social psychology resides somewhere between the fields of sociology and psychology. The main areas of social-psychology and foundational theory include the interactions between social and individual development, the formation and change of attitudes, beliefs and social consciousness, the shaping of personality and identity in society, the regularities of interpersonal face-to-face interaction, small group processes, and intergroup relations.

The discipline of Social Psychology at The University of Helsinki is one of the few in Europe specialising exclusively in social psychology, with a full-scale curriculum. In Nordic Countries, it is unique, being the only independent discipline of social psychology.