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Social and Moral Philosophy is part of the Department of Political and Economic Studies.

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Welcome to Social and Moral Philosophy!

By longstanding tradition in the University of Helsinki, the philosophy faculty is divided into two major areas, the practical and the theoretical. This division is not what it may appear to be; there is nothing impractical about theoretical philosophy nor necessarily untheoretical about practical philosophy. Rather, the division corresponds to the idea that practical philosophy centers on human activity and the foundations of the social sciences, and therefore pursues the moral question of how, individually and socially, we should live, as well as questions concerning the nature of individual action and social institutions. Theoretical philosophy in turn centers on the question of the nature of reality as a whole and how, through individual observation and inquiry in the scientific disciplines, the world can be known. These incalculably rich and growing areas of scholarship intersect at many points, and the two sections regularly cooperate both in their research and publication and in the education of students.