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Social and Moral Philosophy is part of the Department of Political and Economic Studies.

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Welcome to Social and Moral Philosophy!

At the University of Helsinki, philosophy can be studied at both the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts. Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences major in social and moral philosophy.

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, the main research areas of the discipline are moral philosophy (or ethics), social philosophy and the philosophy of the social sciences. Ethics and social philosophy study the conceptual and normative foundations of morals and society. This means that students are introduced to the study of values, norms, rights, ideologies and social order as well as to the related conceptual analysis and argumentation from a systematic and historical perspective. In the fields of applied ethics and social philosophy, concrete problems are studied in the light of philosophical theories.

The philosophy of the social sciences studies the possibility of scientific research of society and its methods as well as related deep-seated controversies on principles. What is the special nature of social phenomena as a research topic? What are the preconditions that follow from it as regards the construction of theories and explanations? How do the various social sciences relate to each other and other sciences? How do they relate to ideological and moral values as well as practical politics and what follows from this as regards the possibility of scientific objectivity and progress?