The Scandinavian Logic Society (SLS) Summer School in Logic 2015 will be organized in Helsinki, Finland, 27-31 July, 2015 (Metsätalo Building, Unioninkatu 40, room 1)

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) will host the meeting together with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki. The school is organized by the Scandinavian Logic Society.

Funding is available for students. Please apply to juliette.kennedy@helsinki.fi by May 10th. (Note that the deadline for ASL funding has now passed)


Students may leave feedback here!

It only takes a few minutes and all feedback is highly valuable to the organizers of the school! The form is open until 14 August.

Thank you all for your active participation!


Samson Abramsky (Oxford)

Logic and Quantum Information

Jeremy Avigad (Carnegie Mellon)

Proof Theory and Proof Mining

Laura Fontanella (Hebrew University)

Reflection principles and large cardinals

Curtis Franks (Notre Dame)

Logical Completeness, the Very Idea

Åsa Hirvonen (Helsinki)

Classification theory

Nicole Schweikardt (Berlin)

A tutorial on order-invariant logics

Moshe Vardi (Rice University)

Automata-Theoretic Verification



The SLS Summer School in Logic 2015 precedes the annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Logic Colloquium 2015 (LC 2015), that will take place on 3-8 August 2015, as well as the meeting 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, CLMPS 2015, taking place 3-8 August 2015.

SLS Summer School deadlines

28 October 2014 Registration opens
25/26 June 2015 Deadline for booking the special price accommodation
21 July 2015 Deadline for the online registrations
27-31 July 2015 SLS Summer School in Logic