Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense

Savvina kniga (Liber Sabbae)


The e-text should be considered to be a tertiary source as it is not based on the manuscript itself, but on V. N. Shchepkin's edition thereof. The file is not meant to be completely self-explanatory: it must be used with the edition. Notice that the text file is still a working version only – it has not been properly checked!

The lines in the files do not appear in the same order as in the manuscript because they have been arranged according to Gospel chapters and verses. Each line begins with a seven-digit number which is to be interpreted as follows:

The transliteration used in the text only makes use of the 7-bit ASCII code so as to ensure maximal portability. Upper-case letters are used to represent different graphemes than the corresponding lower-case letters. A detailed transliteration table has to be compiled later, but the general principles are the same as in the transliteration of the Codex Suprasliensis.