Master's Degree Programme in Semiotics



Semiotics investigates the mediation and production of meanings, experiences and knowledge through signs. Its fields of research cover general issues of signification, interpretation and communication in language, art, technology, and society.

The International Masterís Degree Programme in Semiotics provides a state-of-the-art curriculum that covers many key fields of semiotics, bringing together approaches from semiotics-related fields such as philosophy, art studies, sociology, and linguistics. The main study modules are the semiotic analysis of art, cultural semiotics, social semiotics and communication as well as linguistics and cognition. Key research areas in semiotics at the University of Helsinki include philosophical and formal semiotics, musical semiotics, American pragmatism, and communication and cognitive sciences.

Important update

The admissions to the MDP in Semiotics have been suspended in 2011-12. Information concerning future applications will be updated later.