Nicky Le Feuvre
Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail (France)

2.1 A framework for the comparative analysis of women's work and employment

  • Theoretical perspectives for the analysis of gender
  • The "male breadwinner model"
  • The historical emergence of the "male breadwinner model" : some international comparisons
  • Theoretical Perspectives of women's employment in Europe
  • 2.2 Features of women's employment in Europe

  • Women's employment rates in Europe
  • Women's employment patterns (continuous/discontinuous careers)
  • Female employment rates according to education level
  • Women's employment rates according to family situation
  • Part time work in Europe
  • Women and unemployment in Europe
  • Salary differences between men and women
  • 2.3 The sexual division of the labour market

    2.4 The sexual division of domestic labour

  • Women's responsibility for domestic labour
  • Men's participation in domestic work
  • 2.5 The production / reproduction interface

    2.6 Conclusions

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