The TAITA project

"Development of land use change detection methodology in the East African highlands
applying geographic information systems"

The TAITA project started in January 2003. It was funded by the Council of Development Studies of the Academy of Finland, and will continue for three years.

The project focuses on land use change studies in Taita Hills, SE-Kenya, applying remote sensing data and geographic information systems. The data types to be used are SPOT satellite remote sensing data, black and white aerial photography and multispectral airborne digital camera data. The objective is to develop a land use change detection methodology.

The specific topics of the project are
- land use change,
- land degradation and soil erosion,
- biodiversity and landscape fragmentation,
- urban growth and sacred forest remnants.

The indigenous forest patch Chawia surrounded by fields is only about 80 ha in size.

The project coordinator is Petri Pellikka (petri.pellikka(at), Professor in Geoinformatics at the Department of Geography, University of Helsinki.

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