What is ArcIMS?

ArcIMS is the ESRI solution for delivering dynamic maps, GIS data and services via the Web. Distributing geographic information via the Internet allows for real-time integration of data from around the world. ArcIMS lets users exchange, integrate, and analyse data in new ways. Users can combine data and information accessed via the Internet with local data for display, query, and analysis.

The core of ArcIMS is a spatial server where most of the map related services are processed. On the server side, ArcIMS connector sits on top of web server and ArcIMS component and Application server works behind the scene. On the client side, the viewers can be thin client, custom clients or ESRI desktop application like ArcMap, ArcExplorer, or ArcPad.

What does it offer for the Taita Hills project?

Provides a variety of end users access to a wide range of GIS data using only a standard web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox

  • Gives basic query and display abilities, including pan, zoom, identify, query, find, select, buffer, and the option to print a map.
  • Create a central repository for publishing and browsing metadata.
  • Ability to offer selected data sets for user download with the Data Delivery Extension (DDE). To see a clip about how DDE works click here: http://gis.esri.com/esriclips/flash.cfm?path=460

More information about ArcIMS

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ArcIMS Architecture and Functionality

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