Taita Hills and Kenya, 2004.

Expedition Reports of Department of Geography

Pellikka, P., J. Ylhäisi & B. Clark (eds.) (2004). Taita Hills and Kenya, 2004 – seminar, reports and journal of a field excursion to Kenya. Expedition Reports of Department of Geography, University of Helsinki 40. 148 p. Department of Geography, University of Helsinki.

Supporting the TAITA project, the Department of Geography of the University of Helsinki carried out a second excursion to Taita Hills in early 2004. During a one week period village interviews were carried out in four villages, namely Mwatate, Dembwa, Werugha and Mwanda applying participatory research methods. The participance of the villagers is warmly acknowledged. In addition, the group visited indigenous forest remnants, soil erosion sites, sacred skull caves, the LUMO game sanctuary and governmental offices in the Taita Hills. After the week in the Taita Hills, ten of the group stayed in the area collecting material for their theses. The seminars held in spring 2003 prior to the expedition and the fieldwork conducted in 2004 are available below in pdf format.

If you use the presentations for your own research, they should be cited as follows, for example:

Msagha, J. (2004). Population development in the Taita Hills, Kenya. In: Pellikka, P., J. Ylhäisi & B. Clark (eds.) Taita Hills and Kenya, 2004 – seminar, reports and journal of a field excursion to Kenya. Expedition reports of the Department of Geography, University of Helsinki 40, 39-46. ISBN 952-10-2077-6, Helsinki 2004, 148 pp.


The Cover page

Seminar papers

The forests types of Kenya, Piritta Peltorinne

Zonation and characteristics of the vegetation of Mt. Kenya, Tuomo Niemelä & Petri Pellikka

Kenya Forestry Master Plan - recognition of local forest users, Anna Ruotsalainen

About reforestation programmes in Kenya during the 1990's, Katariina Pahkasalo

A geographic overview of Taita Hills, Kenya, Hazel Salminen

Population development in Taita Hills, Kenya, Johanna Msagha

Geodatabase over Taita Hills, Kenya, Anna Broberg & Antero Keskinen

Land use policy in Kenya – experiences from Taita Taveta district, Taru Hermunen

Nature conservation areas in Kenya – Tsavo East and West National Parks, Rami Tolvanen

The informal settlements of Voi, Pekka Hurskainen

Hazardous foothills – An overview of gully erosion in Taita Hills, Tommi Sirviö & Andrew Rebeiro-Hargrave

Community-based ecotourism as a sustainable development option in Taita Taveta, Kenya, Nina Himberg

Village reports

Mwatate - trading post with soil erosion problem, Taru Hermunen, Antero Keskinen, Milla Lanne, Katja Masalin & Tommi Sirviö

Dembwa consists of six villages, Pekka Hurskainen, Johanna Järvinen, Satu Lähteenoja & Piritta Peltorinne

Werugha – village in the heart of the Taita Hills, Anna Broberg, Hazel Salminen, Rami Tolvanen & Jussi Ylhäisi

Mwanda - the first wife, Nina Himberg, Katariina Pahkasalo, Petri Pellikka & Anna Ruotsalainen

Summary of the village interviews, Satu Lähteenoja

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