Search SAA Volumes for Published Texts

It is often useful to know if a particular text has been edited in the SAA series. Of course it is always possible to check the indices in the individual SAA volumes, but as the number of volumes in the series increases, this becomes more and more tedious. To meet this need we have provided databases containing the museum numbers and the previous publication references of texts edited in the SAA series.

You can:


General Notes on Searches

The information in the databases has been taken from the files used to produce the SAA volumes and should match the published data. If there is a mistake in the publication it will probably be repeated in the database. A number of mistakes have been corrected, but doubtless many more remain. Users are encouraged to send additions and corrections to the databases to us for inclusion.

Museum Sigla and Publication Abbreviations

Abbreviations generally follow those in the published SAA volumes, but may vary. Until I can create a list of abbreviations, trial and error is the only way to find a reference.

Previous Publications

References to previous publications are generally to a previously published copy of the text. This is the information to be found in the headings of SAA text editions. References to previous editions or discussions of the text are generally not included at the present time.

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