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The King's Magnates:
A Study of the Highest Officials of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

State Archives of Assyria Studies, Volume XI
by Raija Mattila

Helsinki 2000 • 175 x 250 mm • Pp. xvi + 201
Paper • $62.00 • ISBN 951-45-9042-2

Everybody needs good advisors, and the King of Assyria, for all that he was the chosen representative of the god on earth, was no exception. This study documents the king's highest officials with the aim of uncovering thier roles in the administration of the Empire. The top-ranking figures of the central administration, many of whom were also directly involved in provincial administration, are examined closely by a thorough study of each textual reference to each individual who held the position of Chief Treasurer, Palace Herald, Chief Cupbearer, Chief Eunuch (commander of the royal guard), Chief Judge, Vizier, and Commander-in-Chief (of the central army). The contributions that these textual references can provide are analyzed and then summarized. This analysis has as an extremely useful by-product – a complete catalog of the holders of these offices with the dates that they are attested, a valuable research tool in itself.
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