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Die neuassyrischen Privatrechtsurkunden als Quelle für Mensch und Umwelt
State Archives of Assyria Studies, Volume VI
by Karen Radner

Helsinki 1997 • 175 x 250 mm • Pp. xlii + 428
Paper • $76.00 • ISBN 951-45-7783-3

There are almost 2000 private legal texts spanning the years from about 850 BC to around 600 BC from Assyria. While these texts have been studied for their legal matter and their archival context, no systematic attempt has ever been made to relate their content to the realia of everyday life in ancient Assyria. The present volume is a first step in this direction, investigating such details as the nature of houses and households (including livestock) and the status of slaves within households, as well as how the picture of himself held by man (and woman) in the Neo-Assyrian period is reflected in these texts. It includes discussions of the texts themselves, the terminology used in the texts, prices, and the legal ramifications of the conveyence of real property. With many charts and tables and a full index and bibliography, this work provides an excellent basis for socio-archaeological studies evaluating living conditions in ancient Assyria.
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