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Nippur in Neo-Assyrian Times c. 755-612 BC
State Archives of Assyria Studies, Volume IV
by Steven W. Cole

Helsinki 1996 • 175 x 250 mm • Pp. xx + 138
Paper • $54.00 • ISBN 951-45-7286-6

Based primarily on the “Governor's Archive” excavated at Nippur in 1973, this study integrates the information from this new material into the existing knowledge of the socio-political situation of Nippur in Ancient Mesopotamia. While concentrating on the later end of Nippur's long history, the book also examines the events and influences that shaped Nippur's strategic role during the heyday of the Assyrian Empire, including its position on the frontier between the settled north and the tribal entities to the south and west and its position in the long-range trade network that reached to the farthest corners of the ancient Near Eastern world. When coupled with the new information from the “Governor's Archive,” texts from a heretofore ‘dark age’ of Mesopotamian history, new perspectives on the pivotal position of Nippur in Assyrian strategy emerge. With 4 maps, indices, and an extensive bibliography.
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