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The Eponyms of the Assyrian Empire 910-612 BC
State Archives of Assyria Studies, Volume II
by Alan Millard (with a contribution by Robert Whiting)

Helsinki 1994 • 175 x 250 mm • Pp. xvi + 153 + 20 Plates
Paper • Out of print • ISBN 951-45-6715-3

This volume contains a score-type edition of all known Eponym Lists and Eponym Chronicles from the Neo-Assyrian period and includes hand copies of all known tablets plus a catalog of as many eponym-dated texts as could be collected. It contains explanatory material describing the manuscripts of the lists and chronicles and the functioning of the eponym system including a chapter on the post-canonical eponyms by R. Whiting. The book contains indices of the names and titles found in the lists and of the excavation, museum, and publication numbers of the texts cited in the catalog of eponym-dated texts. It is expected to serve as a standard chronological handbook for the period.
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