10th Anniversary Symposium of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project
Helsinki, September 7-11, 1995


Thursday, September 7

Morning (Chairman: P. GARELLI)

10:00 • Opening of the Symposium (Porthania)
10:15-14:15 • Public Lectures on the Assyrian Empire (Porthania)
10:15 • J.A. BRINKMAN, Unfolding the Drama of the Assyrian Empire
11:15 • A.K. GRAYSON, The Resurrection of Ashur: A History of Assyrian Studies
12:15 • D. STRONACH, Urban Nineveh: New Perspectives from the Last Imperial Capital of the Assyrian World
13:15 • H. TADMOR, Propaganda and Literature: Cracking the Code of the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions

Afternoon (Chairman: K. DELLER)

15:30-17:00 • Scholarly Papers (Porthania)
15:30 • S. COLE, The Destruction of Orchards and Gardens in Assyrian Warfare
16:00 • I. EPH’AL, Siege of Cities in the Queries to Shamash
16:30 • B. PONGRATZ-LEISTEN, The Interplay of Military Strategy and Cultic Practice in Assyrian Politics
17:15-18:15 • Anniversary Celebration (Grand Hall of the University)
P. GARELLI, The Finnish Contribution to Assyrian Studies
A.R. GEORGE, Assyria and the Western World
18:15-20:00 • Reception Hosted by the Rector of the University

Friday, September 8

Morning (Chairman: H. TADMOR)

9:00-10:00 • Scholarly Papers (Porthania)
9:00 • B.N. PORTER, The Relative Status of Marduk and Nabû in Babylonia in the Late Neo-Assyrian Period, as Seen through Assyrian Eyes
9:30 • E. WEISSERT, Royal Hund and Royal Triumph in a Prism of Ashurbanipal (85-5-22,2)
10:15-13:45 • Public Lectures on Assyrian Culture (Porthania)
10:15 • E. LEICHTY, Divination, Magic, and Astrology in the Assyrian Royal Court
11:15 • I. WINTER, Art in Empire: The Visual Dimensions of Assyrian Royal Ideology
12:15 • I. GRUENWALD, “Is Simo Parpola Crazy?” An Answer from the Perspective of the Study of Jewish Mysticism
12:45 • A. LIVINGSTONE, New Dimensions in the Study of Assyrian Religion

Afternoon (Chairman: D. STRONACH)

15:00-17:00 • Scholarly Papers (Porthania)
15:00 • G. BUNNENS, The Assyrians at Til Barsip
15:30 • S. GITIN, The NA Empire and Its Periphery: Philistine Ekron, a Case Study
16:00 • B. PARKER, The Neo-Assyrian Period in the Upper Tigris River Valley
17:00 • Departure to the Science Center, Heureka
18:00 • E. KLENGEL, The Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin and Its Assyrian Collection
19:00 • Opening of the Exhibition “Nineveh 612 BC”
19:15 • Reception Hosted by the Science Center

Saturday, September 9

Morning (Chairman: M. DANDAMAYEV)

9:00-13:00 • Scholarly Papers (Porthania)
9:00 • K. DELLER, The City of Assur after Assurnasirpal II moved the Capital to Nimrud until its Destruction
9:30 • V. DONBAZ, Some Selective Neo-Assyrian Texts; Istanbul and Elsewhere
10:00 • E. KLENGEL, The Sealings on Neo-Assyrian Tablets from Assur. A Comparative Study
10:30 • J. RENGER, The Assur-Project of DOG and the Vorderasiatisches Museum
11:30 • J.M. RUSSELL, Sennacherib’s Palace without Rival Revisited: Excavations at Nineveh and in the British Museum Archives
12:00 • K. VEENHOF, New evidence for Old Assyrian Legislation
12:30 • S. ZAWADZKI, The Question of the King’s Eponymate in the Latter Half of the 8th – 7th Centuries BC


14:15-18:00 • Workshops 1 and 2 (Department of Asian and African Studies)
14:15 • Historical Geography of Assyria (Chairman: S. PARPOLA)
16:15 • Chronology of PC Eponyms (Chairman: R. WHITING)
18:00-20:00 • Reception Hosted by the Project

Sunday, September 10
10:00-17:00 • Excursion by Sea to the Medieval City of Porvoo

Monday, September 11

Morning (Chairman: V. DONBAZ)

9:00-13:00 • Scholarly Papers (Porthania)
9:00 • P. GARELLI, The Dynamic Force of Assyria
9:30 • G. FRAME, The God Ashur in Babylonia
10:00 • W. RÖLLIG, Historical Geography of Northern Syria from MA to NA Time
10:30 • P. MACHINIST, The Fall of Assyria in Comparative Perspective, Ancient and Modern
11:30 • M. DANDAMAYEV, Assyrian Traditions during Achaemenid Times
12:00 • K. KESSLER, Problems of the Assyrian Communication System
12:30 • A. MILLARD, Observations from the Assyrian Eponym Sources


14:15-18:00 • Workshops 3 (Fabianinkatu 24) and 4 (Department of Asian and African Studies)
14:15 • Creation and Management of Electronic Cuneiform Data Bases (Chairman: D. OWEN)
R. ENGLUND, Graphic Representation and Storage of Cuneiform Databases
S. TINNEY, Computer Databases and Lexicography; The Sumerian Dictionary Project
16:15 • Desiderata in the Study of Assyrian Economy and Society (Chairman: K. VEENHOF)
18:00 • Closing of the Symposium (Officers Club, Katajanokka)

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