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The Heirs of Assyria
Proceedings of the Opening Symposium of the
Assyrian and Babylonian Intellectual Heritage Project
Held in Tvärminne, Finland, October 8-11, 1998

Melammu Symposia, Volume I
Edited by Sanna Aro and R. M. Whiting

Helsinki 2000 • 215 x 280 mm • Pp. xxi + 134
Paper • $59.00 • ISBN 951-45-9050-3

Foreword -- Simo Parpola
Introduction -- R. M. Whiting
Extracts from the Minutes of the Symposium -- Sanna Aro
The Name and Logo of MELAMMU -- Simo Parpola
M. J. Geller, The Survival of Babylonian Wissenschaft in Later Tradition
G. B. Lanfranchi, The Ideological and Political Impact of the Assyrian Imperial
Expansion on the Greek World in the 8th and 7th Centuries
A. Panaino, The Mesopotamian Heritage of Achaemenian Kingship
K. A. Raaflaub, Influence, Adaptation, and Interaction: Near Eastern and Early Greek Political Thought
R. Rollinger, Herodotus and the Intellectual Heritage of the Ancient Near East
A.-M. Saadi, The Originality of Syriac Historiography
M. L. West, Fable and Disputation
J. G. Westenholz, The King, the Emperor, and the Empire: Continuity and Discontinuity of Royal Representation in Text and Image
M. S. Whiting, On a Lighter Note

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