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Search SAA Publications by Museum Number

Search string (perl regexp)

This form will search the database of texts published in SAA volumes by museum number and return the volume and text number of any museum number that matches the search string. If the returned museum number is followed by a “+” this means that the piece has been joined. To find the other members of the join, search for the saa volume and text number. All searches are case insensitive.

Leading Zeroes

Most museum numbers in the database have leading zeroes in variable numbers to permit the file to be sorted properly. For example, all K (Kouyunjik) numbers have five digits and K 21 will be represented in the database as K 00021. If you are not sure of the number of leading zeroes, prefix 0* to any variable number. You can save yourself trouble if you use the proper number of leading zeroes as a search for K 0*21 will return all K 21xxx, K 021xx, K 0021x, as well as K 00021. Your first search will show how many leading zeroes various categories of numbers have.


Most Museum and excavation sigla used in the database do not have periods (full stops) in them so do not use them in searches. Remember that a period is a metacharacter in regular expressions so if you do have to use a period put a backslant (\) in front of it. To see the few sigla that have periods in them, search for “\.”.

Additions and Corrections

As the information available here may have errors, additions and corrections are welcomed and can be made with the form available here or on the page with the search results.

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