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The Helsinki Assyrian Dictionary

Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary
Edited by S. Parpola and R. M. Whiting

Helsinki 2007 • 175 x 250 mm • Pp. xxii + 289
Paper • $75.00 • ISBN-13 978-952-10-1332-4 • ISBN-10 952-10-1332-X
A compendious dictionary of two official languages of the Assyrian Empire, Neo-Assyrian and Standard Akkadian, and the first English-Akkadian dictionary ever published. Essential for every Assyriologist, Semitist, and interested layman. Contains about 13,000 Assyrian entries and about 23,000 English entries.

Based on the Corpus of Neo-Assyrian text database plus additional sources, the Helsinki Assyrian Dictionary is, unlike other “Assyrian” dictionaries, actually a dictionary of Assyrian. It documents the language of the Neo-Assyrian period as reflected in the contemporary documents. In addition to Assyrian words and phrases, it also includes Babylonian words from letters to and from the Assyrian bureaucracy as well as words from royal inscriptions and other texts written in Standard Akkadian (the Assyro-Babylonian literary language) as well as many Aramaic words in common usage.

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