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Sex and Gender in the Ancient Near East
Proceedings of the 47th Rencontre Assyriolgique Internationale, Helsinki, July 2-6, 2001
Compte rendu, Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 47
Edited by S. Parpola and R. M. Whiting

Helsinki 2002 • 8.5 x 11 in • Pp. xxiv + 690
Paper • $129.50 • ISBN 951-45-9054-6

ALFONSO ARCHI, The Role of Women in the Society of Ebla
JULIA M. ASHER-GREVE, Decisive Sex, Essential Gender
JULIA ASSANTE, Sex, Magic and the Liminal Body in the Erotic Art and Texts of the Old Babylonian Period
ZAINAB BAHRANI, Sex as Symbolic Form: Erotism and the Body in Mesopotamian Art
MARIE-FRANÇOISE BESNIER, Temptation’s Garden: The Gardener, a Mediator Who Plays an Ambiguous Part
ROBERT D. BIGGS, The Babylonian Sexual Potency Texts
GUDRUN COLBOW, Priestesses, either Married or Unmarried, and Spouses without Title: Their Seal Use and their Seals in Sippar at the Beginning of the Second Millennium BC
JERROLD S. COOPER, Virginity in Ancient Mesopotamia
NADIA CZECHOWICZ, Zwei Frauengeschichten aus den späten Jahren von Nebukadnezar II. Probleme der Interpretation
STEPHANIE DALLEY, Evolution of Gender in Mesopotamian Mythology and Iconography with a Possible Explanation of ša rešen, “the man with two heads”
CHRISTIAN B. DYCKHOFF, Priester und Priesterinnen im altbabylonischen Larsa. Das Amtsarchiv als Grundlage für prosopographische Forschung
M. J. GELLER, Mesopotamian Love Magic: Discourse or Intercourse?
A. R. GEORGE, How women weep? Reflections on a passage of Bilgames and the Bull of Heaven
JEAN-JACQUES GLASSNER, Polygynie ou prostitution: une approche comparative de la sexualit masculine
B. GRONEBERG, “The Faithful Lover” Reconsidered: Towards Establising a New Genre
ANN K. GUINAN, Erotomancy: Scripting the Erotic
WILLIAM W. HALLO, Love and Marriage in Ashtata
J. D. HAWKINS, Eunuchs among the Hittites
M. HELTZER, The West Semitic Word for “Sun” (šmš and špš)
CORINNA HOFF, The Mass Marriage at Susa in 324 BC and the Achaemenid Tradition
HERBERT B. HUFFMON, Gender Subversion in the Book of Jeremiah
CYNTHIA JEAN, Male and Female Supernatural Assistants in Mesopotamian Magic
JACQUELINE AND VASSOS KARAGEORGHIS, The Great Goddess of Cyprus or the Genesis of Aphrodite in Cyprus
ANNE DRAFFKORN KILMER, The Investiture of Enkidu in The Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet III
R. KLETTER, Asherah and the Judean Pillar Figurines Engendered?
ULLA KOCH-WESTENHOLZ, Everyday Life of Women According to First Millennium Omen Apodoses
LEONID KOGAN ALEXANDER MILITAREV, Akkadian Terms for Genitalia: New Etymologies, New Textual Interpetations
W. G. LAMBERT, The Background of the Neo-Assyrian Sacred Tree
PIRJO LAPINKIVI, The Adorning of the Bride: Providing Her with Wisdom
BARUCH A. LEVINE, ‘Seed’ versus ‘Womb’: Expressions of Male Dominance in Biblical Israel
JOHN MAIER, Gender Differences in the First Millennium: Additions to a Canonical Lamentation
A. MALAMAT, The Politics of Bipolarity in the Guise of Sexual Relations: The Case of Ezekiel 16 and 23
R. MAYR, The Depiction of Ordinary Men and Women on the Seals of the Ur III Kingdom
STEFANIA MAZZONI, The Squatting Woman: Between Fertility and Eroticism
KATHLEEN MCCAFFREY, Reconsidering Gender Ambiguity in Mesopotamia: Is a Beard Just a Beard?
KAI ALEXANDER METZLER, Tod, Weiblichkeit und Ästhetik im mesopotamischen Weltschöpfungsepos Enuma elîš
PIOTR MICHALOWSKI, 'Round About Nidaba: On the Early Goddesses of Sumer
JARED L. MILLER, The katra/i-women in the Kizzuwatnean Rituals from Hattuša
SUSANA B. MURPHY, The Practice of Power in the Ancient Near East: Sorceresses and Serpents in Hittite Myths
MIRKO NOVÁK, The Artificial Paradise: Programme and Ideology of Royal Gardens
TALLAY ORNAN, The Queen in Public: Royal Women in Neo-Assyrian Art
ELISABETH VON DER OSTEN-SACKEN, Überlegungen zur Göttin auf dem Burneyrelief
SHALOM M. PAUL, The Shared Legacy of Sexual Metaphors and Euphemisms in Mesopotamian and Biblical Literature
TARJA PHILIP, Woman in Travail as a Simile to Men in Distress in the Hebrew Bible
ROSEL PIENTKA, Aphrodisiaka und Liebeszauber im Alten Orient
BARBARA NEVLING PORTER, Beds, Sex, and Politics: The Return of Marduk’s Bed to Babylon
ALEXANDER PRUSS, The Use of Nude Female Figurines
JAAN PUHVEL, Genus and Sexus in Hittite
JULIAN READE, Sexism and Homotheism in Ancient Iraq
YITSCHAK SEFATI AND JACOB KLEIN, The Role of Women in Mesopotamian Witchcraft
GERD STEINER, Grammatisches Geschlecht und nominale Bedeutungsklassen in den Sprachen des Alten Orients
HAYIM TADMOR, The Role of the Chief Eunuch and the Place of Eunuchs in the Assyrian Empire
JAANA TOIVARI-VIITALA, A Case Study of Ancient Egyptian Marriage Practices in the Workman’s Community at Deir el-Medina during the Ramesside Period
ALEXANDER UCHITEL, Women at Work: Weavers of Lagash and Spinners of San Luis Gonzaga
GORDON WHITTAKER, Linguistic Anthropology and the Study of Emesal as (a) Women's Language
IRIT ZIFFER, Four New Belts from the Land of Ararat and the Feast of the Women in Esther 1:9

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