Simo Parpola:
Assyrian Royal Rituals and Cultic Texts (Kas130 partly, 2 units)
Fall Mo 10-12, Th 16-18 (begins 7.9)
Robert Whiting:
Decipherment of Ancient Scripts (Kas140 partly, 1 unit)
Fall Mo 14-16 (begins 7.9)
Historical Linguistics and Language Reconstruction (Kas140 partly, 1 unit)
Spring Mo 14-16 (begins 18.1)
Introductory Babylonian (Kas 110, 5 units)
Fall + Spring Tu 12-14, Fr 14-16 (begins 8.9 and 19.1)

We regret that due to unforseen circumstances, the Introductory Babylonian course will not be offered on a regular basis this year. The course will be resumed in the academic year 1999/2000.
Raija Mattila:
Intermediate Akkadian (Kas120 partly, 1 unit)
Fall Th 14-16 (begins 10.9)
State and Administration in Mesopotamia (Kas 120 partly, 1 unit)
Spring Th 14-16 (begins 21.1)
Karen Radner:
Neo-Assyrian Texts Pertinent to Daily Life (Kas330 partly, 2 units)
Fall + Spring We 14-16 (begins 9.9 and 20.1)
Margot Stout Whiting:
The Archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia: From the Paleolithic to the Third Millennium (Kas140 partly, 1 unit)
Spring We 12-14 (20.1& #150; 31.3)

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