Name: Amar Annus

Born 3.02.1974 in Tallinn

Nationality: Estonian

Address: Õismäe tee 91-19, Tallinn 13515, Estonia, phone +372-56-985042,

Until 8/31/2009: 5330 S. Blackstone Ave., Apt.# 101, Chicago, IL 60615

e-mail, until 8/31/2009


Education and Qualifications

1992–1996 University of Tartu: 1996 BA in Theology.

1996-1998 University of Helsinki, Assyriology.

1998 University of Tartu: MA in Comparative Religion.

2003 University of Helsinki: Ph.D. in Assyriology.

Professional History

2/1999–12/1999 University of Tartu: extra-staff teacher.

9/1999–12/2000 University of Tallinn: extra-staff teacher.

2/2002–5/2002 University of Tallinn, extra-staff teacher.

1/2003–12/2005 University of Helsinki: researcher.

3/2006–2/2008 University of Tartu: post-doctoral researcher (0,6).

3/2008-12/2009 University of Tartu: researcher (0,1).

9/2008–8/2009 University of Chicago: post-doctoral scholar.

Conferences Organized

9/2008–8/2009 Organizer of the Fifth Annual University of Chicago Oriental Institute Seminar Science and Superstition: Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient World. March 6–7, 2009


Selected Awards and Major Grants

10/2003-12/2003 DAAD scholarship in the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

2006-2009 Estonian Science Foundation, grant 6625, “Cultural interactions and religious influences in the Near East and the Mediterranean region in the first millennium BC”

Project Management

1/2003–12/2005 Melammu Database and Bibliographies editor


List of Publications




2001 The Standard Babylonian Epic of Anzu: introduction, cuneiform text, transliteration, score, glossary, indices and sign list. Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project.

2002 The God Ninurta in the Mythology and Royal Ideology of Ancient Mesopotamia. State Archives of Assyria Studies 14, Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project.





2000 “Are There Greek Rephaim? On the Etymology of Greek Meropes and Titanes” Ugarit Forschungen 31 (1999), 13-30.

2000 “Babylonian Flood Story in the Nag Hammadi Writings.” Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires (NABU), 68

2001 “Ninurta and the Son of Man” in R. M. Whiting (ed.) Mythology and Mythologies: Methodological Approaches to Intercultural Influences, Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium of the Assyrian and Babylonian Intellctual Heritage Project Held in Paris, France, October 4-7, 1999, Melammu Symposia II, Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 7-17. Link:

2001 “Paabeli Marduk ja Hammurapi”, Tuna 4, No. 3, 9-19 [“Babylonian Marduk and Hammurapi” (Estonian)]

2003 “Ninurta naasmine Nippurisse”, teoses M. Lepajõe ja A. Gross (toim.) Mille anni sicut dies hesterna, Studia in honorem Kalle Kasemaa, Tartu: Ülikooli kirjastus, 65-78 [“The Return of Ninurta to Nippur” (Estonian)].

2004 with S. Parpola and R. M. Whiting, “The Melammu Database.” In: Piras, A. and A. Panaino (eds.). Schools of Oriental Studies and the Development of Modern Historiography: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Symposium of the Assyrian and Babylonian Intellectual Heritage Project. Ravenna, Italy, October 13-17, 2001. Milano: Bologna University Press, 2004, pp. 311 - 312.

2006 “Bardaisan's Paradise on the top of the Ziggurat”. Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires (NABU), no. 78, pp. 79 - 80. Link to online publication:

2006 “The Survivals of the Ancient Syrian and Mesopotamian Intellectual Traditions in the Writings of Ephrem Syrus.” Ugarit Forschungen 38 (2007) 1-25. Link:

2007 “The Soul’s Ascent and Tauroctony: On Babylonian Sediment in the Syncretic Religious Doctrines of Late Antiquity”. In: Th. R. Kämmerer (ed.). Studien zu Ritual und Sozialgeschichte im Alten Orient / Studies on Ritual and Society in the Ancient Near East: Tartuer Symposien 1998-2004, 1-53. Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, Bd. 374.

2008 “The Soul’s Journeys and Tauroctony. On Babylonian Sediment in the Syncretic Religious Doctrines of Late Antiquity". In: M. Dietrich, T. Kulmar (eds.). Body and Soul in the Conceptions of the Religions. Münster: Ugarit Verlag, 2008, (Forschungen zur Anthropologie und Religionsgeschichte; 42), 1 - 46. Link:

2009 “Some Otherworldly Journeys in Mesopotamian, Jewish, Mandaean and Yezidi Traditions.” In: M. Luukko, R. Mattila, S. Svärd (eds.). In: Of God(s), Trees, Kings, and Scholars. Neo-Assyrian and Related Studies in Honour of Simo Parpola. (Studia Orientalia 106, Helsinki) (forthcoming).

2009 Articles “Adapa”; “Anzu” and “Atrahasis” for The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, vol 1. Berlin – New York: W. de Gruyter (forthcoming).

2009 "The Folk-Tales of Iraq and the Literary Traditions of Ancient Mesopotamia". Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, 9 (2) (forthcoming).

2010 “The Mesopotamian Precursors of Adam’s Garment of Glory and Moses’ Shining Face”. Journal of Near Eastern Studies (forthcoming).




Electronic Publications

During 2003-2009 I have written and published for the International Database of the Melammu Project on the Intellectual Heritage of Assyria and Babylonia in East and West ( 1301 entries of short format. Those entries are either quotations of the ancient sources, or modern comparisons between features or phenomena in the ancient world that may show the effects of cultural contact or cultural diffusion.


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