The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project

(State Archives of Assyria)

Institute for Asian & African Studies
Department of World Cultures
University of Helsinki

The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, started in 1986, is a long-term undertaking to

Although based in Helsinki, the project is international in scope consisting of the Procedures for entering text into the CNA database and for the preparation of SAA volumes are detailed in the Project’s Editorial Manual. The Project produces a newsletter to keep the various participants informed of activities and scheduling and maintains a communications directory.

The Project held an international symposium, “Assyria, 1995”, September 7-11, 1995, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and an exhibit, “Nineveh 612 BC”, opened at Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, on September 8, 1995, in conjunction with the symposium.

In July 2001, The Project, In conjunction with the Institute for Asian and African Studies and the University of Helsinki, hosted the 47th Rencontre Assyriolgique Internationale, the International Congress of Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology, in Helsinki.

The Project was funded principally by the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki from 1986 to 1996. From January 1, 1997 to December 31, 2001, the Project was a Centre of Excellence of the University of Helsinki. Since January 1, 2002, the Project has had no source of funding. The Project has cooperation agreements with the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft, the British Museum, and the Suomen Itämainen Seura.

In cooperation with the The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies of the Higher Education Academy and the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities of the University of Cambridge and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Project has made available on the web transliterations and translations of all texts published in the SAA volumes so far at the Knowledge and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire Website, the Assyrian Empire Builders Website, and the State Archives of Assyria Online Website.

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First published December, 1994.
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