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Group leader:

Petri Hyytiä
Ph.D., docent
Tel: +358-2941 25334
Fax: +358-2941 25302
Email: petri.hyytia [at]

Street address:
Haartmaninkatu 8
(Biomedicum Helsinki)
00290 Helsinki

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 63
00014 University of Helsinki


Our Mission

Drug and alcohol addiction are major public health problems that account for a significant part of the cost to society of all neuropsychiatric disorders. Our objective is to describe changes in brain functional activity during chronic consumption of drugs of abuse. The central hypothesis is that long-term drug consumption in the animal models causes persistent changes in functional connections between brain regions involved in the regulation of the reinforcing properties of drugs. Our rationale is that description of neural processes underlying long-term drug effects in animal models will contribute to development of new medications for addiction disorders in humans.

Seven-day cocaine exposure causes alterations in the functional activity of many brain regions in the rat, including prefrontal cortex (Cg1/PrL), hippocampus (CA3) and periaqueductal grey, as illustrated by manganese-enhanced MRI.