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Welcome to explore Quaternary palaeoclimatological research at the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki. Our research aims at better understanding of past climatological and environmental dynamics in terrestrial, lacustrine and atmospheric realms (see our research themes ). Research approaches combine the novel quantitative techniques and various forms of proxy data in order to reconstruct past climate changes and associated atmospheric circulation dynamics. An extra motivation is the importance of this knowledge in the use of climate modellers and in assessing future climate scenarios. We hope to be able to provide data and information for specialists on a wide spectrum of science and society.

Our research focuses on late-Quaternary timescales. The key research areas are in northern and northeastern Europe, ranging from the eastern Atlantic seaboard towards the Eurasian mainland, thus covering the strong longitudinal oceanity-continentality gradient of northern Europe.

We are interested in methods reflecting
  • annual
  • seasonal
  • abrupt
  • long-term
changes in temperature- and in moisture-related parameters.

The proxy archives we use include:
  • lake sediments
  • peat archives
  • tree rings
  • stable isotopes
  • pollen
  • plant macrofossils
  • waterflees (Cladocera).

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