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Northern Europe is one of the key regions in study of past global climate changes and the Nordic countries have a strong international status in palaeoclimatology. The status can be further promoted by more efficient collaboration between research groups representing different but complementary aspects of palaeoclimatological research and by supporting graduate and post-graduate research training in palaeoclimatology. This is the mission of Nordic Network of Palaeoclimatology (NEPAL), a collaborative network that will bring together nine palaeoclimatological research groups from three Nordic countries and from Estonia and Lithuania, representing palaeoclimatologists who mostly work in the continental domain in northern Europe.

For further information about NEPAL, contact co-ordinators Anne Bjune [anne.bjune(a)bio.uib.no] or Heikki Seppä [heikki.seppa(a)helsinki.fi].

Next NEPAL Conference in Bergen June 3-5 2009!