Effect of participation

Since the computer conference transcripts were shorter, we thought it worthwhile to check if the differences we have found were affected by the participation levels. A reasonable measure of participation is a count of statements made: which we approximate as the sum of +ve and -ve indicators. So we have plotted the CT ratios versus total counts for each indicator in Figure 7 (for CC) and Figure 8 (for seminars). There is no obvious relationship between the two for the computer conference discussions. Nearly all the ratios are strongly +ve. For the seminars, there is a tendency for most indicator ratios to increase with participation (except perhaps novelty). There was no sign of the often feared trivialisation of discussion as people talk more. Perhaps none of the discussions got that excited!

CC CT ratios vs. participation

Figure 7. Quality versus participation for computer conference discussions.

Seminar CT ratios by participation

Figure 8. Quality versus participation for seminars.