Jiri Lallimo

 Jiri Lallimo

Department of Psychology
P.O. Box 9
(Siltavuorenpenger 20 D)
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: +358-9- 191 29 473

The main focus of my research is on exploring aspects of distributed expertise, working practices, and use of cognitive tools within working teams, which are supported by collaborative Information and Communication Technologies. The core of the studies is especially on the working practices of multiprofessional teams consisting of members of different domain-fields and backgrounds represents. A concept of 'Hybrid expertise' is being developed for a better understanding of the nature and demands for creating different overlapping areas of expertise, which is needed for knowledge development in knowledge intensive work. Many of our research projects indicate that in order to create working practices, which support distributed expertise, it is essential that the participants are building common ground of the knowledge together and developing sense of metaknowledge of the knowledge and skills of the other participants. Also, an interesting aspect is on finding new ways of exploring information and knowledge structures between individuals - inside/between teams and units - inside/between organizations. Put shortly, the studies try to capture different aspects of individual hybrid expertise and sociocognitive aspects of multiprofessional teams, which are supported by different material and conceptual artifacts. More information can be found in the description of the project Building and Managing Collective Knowledge in Workplace Communities with Collaborative Technology and 3D Knowledge Management (3D-KM).

One of my main interests has been in studying how teachers guide and coach students in the context of networked learning. A central problem that I am addressing is to examine the interplay between teacher's and students' activities, which are focusing on collaborative knowledge building both within face-to-face and virtual environments. E.g. from the viewpoint of progressive inquiry, it is essential whether the teacher is able to provide a suitable expert model for the students and find ways of scaffolding their inquiry-processes. Additionally, I'm involved in research which has an emphasis on collaborative tools or collaborative scaffolds embedded in virtual learning environments.

I am involved in the following research and development projects: Building and Managing Collective Knowledge in Workplace Communities with Collaborative Technology, 3D Knowledge Management (3D-KM) and psychological and pedagogical research related to the Future Learning Environments, Nordunet2 and ITCOLE projects.

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