Centre for Research on Networked Learning and Knowledge Building

The Centre carries out studies related to collaborative learning and methods and practices of using information and communication technology in educational institutes, universities, and enterprises. Our aim is to study and facilitate pedagogical and cultural changes which enhance collaborative knowledge creation at workplaces and all levels of education.

The Centre is located at the Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki. Our group is multidisciplinary by nature with researchers representing expertise in various domains of knowledge, such as psychology, education, philosophy, and cognitive science. The Centre participates intensively in research collaboration with many national and international partners.

NB: From the beginning of year 2009 the work of the centre continues in two new groups: the Centre for Research on Activity, Development, and Learning (CRADLE) and Technology in Education Research Group (TEdu).

Centre for Research on Networked Learning
University of Helsinki and Knowledge Building

Department of Psychology (see Psychology in University of Helsinki)

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