Metapopulation dynamics in fragmented landscapes

Many species of animals and plants live in fragmented landscapes. Ecologists use mathematical models to predict the consequences of habitat loss and fragmentation for the long-term persistence of species. In this demonstration, you may simulate the metapopulation dynamics of endangered butterflies in networks of small meadows. The simulation illustrates how the degree of habitat fragmentation and species' ecological properties influence their long-term dynamics.

Note! Due to changes in security settings of latest Java versions, the program might not work properly. To fix this see the instructions here.

This program has been made for the exhibition of Academy of Finland. It has been developed by Metapopulation Research Group of University of Helsinki, led by professor Ilkka Hanski, Heureka Science Centre, Academy of Finland and First Hop Ltd.

Copyright © 1998 Metapopulation Research Group and Heureka Science Centre.