Otso Ovaskainen
PI, professor


Room Number: 5716
Tel: +358 (0)9 191 57924
e-mail: otso.ovaskainen(at)helsinki.fi

Mathematical Biology Group


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I completed my PhD in mathematics at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1998, after which I joined the MRG as a post doc. After spending the year 2001-2002 in Bryan Grenfell's group in Cambridge, UK, I rejoined the MRG, in which I now lead the Mathematical Biology Group as an Academy Research Fellow.


My research ranges from mathematical theory to empirical research, the emphasis being in the development of general theories, and in linking such theories to observational and experimental data.

During the past years, much of my main emphasis has been in developing metapopulation theory and dispersal theory. Both of these projects have stemmed from the same central theme, which is to assess the movements, dynamics and persistence of individuals and populations inhabiting fragmented landscapes. I still continue with both of these projects. With regard to metapopulation theory, my current emphasis is in building modelling frameworks that integrate ecological and evolutionary dynamics. With regard to dispersal theory, I am developing state-space approaches that apply both to capture-recapture data and to telemetry data.

Another long-term research interest is in building links between microscopic (e.g. individual-based) and macroscopic (e.g. population-based) models in a stochastic and spatial setting. This involves both purely theoretical work on stochastic differential equations (with Dr. Stephen Cornell from the Leeds University) and data-driven work on the ecology and evolution of the Glanville fritillary (with prof. Ilkka Hanski and other members of the MRG) and on other species. Another current core area is Bayesian approaches in evolutionary quantitative genetics (with prof. Juha Merilä).

Post doc: Phil Harrison (jointly with Ilkka Hanski), Juho Pennanen and Dmitry Schigel
Graduate students: Jenni Hottola (jointly with Ilkka Hanski), Ace North, Chaozhi Zheng, Veera Norros, Markku Karhunen (jointly with Juha Merilä).

Ex post doc: Sandip Banerjee