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Metapopulation Research Group

The Metapopulation Research Group (MRG) at the University of Helsinki was established in 1992. We conduct research on the biology of species inhabiting fragmented landscapes. Our strength in research is the ability to combine ecological, molecular, computational, and theoretical approaches in the same projects. We encourage work that applies the core concepts of metapopulation biology to management and conservation of landscapes and biodiversity.

MRG is a coherent international group of more than 50 researchers, post graduate students, and supporting personnel representing a dozen nationalities. MRG has been awarded the position of Centre-of-Excellence in research by the Academy of Finland 2000-2005 and 2006-2011.




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  • Hanna Susi defends her thesis on 21st of November
  • Joona Lehtomäki defended his thesis on 31st of October
  • Jouni Kvist defended his thesis on 24th of October

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