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  • The latest article by Jarno Vanhatalo was featured in Yle, Helsingin Sanomat and in Radio Suomi (18.12.2014)
  • FEM and BSG groups organized the Bio-Bayes seminar (18.12.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo will give a talk on grey seal by-catch in the HELCOM Seal Expert Group in October 22nd (20.10.2014)
  • Maisa Nevalainen will give a talk at the VINOIL seminar in Aalto University on 31st Nov (10.10.2014)
  • Annukka Lehikoinen defended her thesis: "Bayesian Network applications for environmental risk assessment" 5.9.2014 (12.9.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "The current status and the future of Baltic grey seal population" at the Statistical Ecology conference on 2.7.2014. (13.5.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "Assessing the current status of Baltic grey seal population and predicting its future" at the 25th Nordic conference in Mathematical statistics on 3.6.2014. (13.5.2014)
  • A symposium hosted by the FEM group, entitled Ecological Basis of Risk Analysis for Marine Ecosystems will be held on 2nd - 4th June 2014 in Porvoo, Finland. (17.12.2013)
  • The FEM group joins the Center of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations together with groups from Aalto University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Memorial University of Newfoundland (29.1.2014).


  • The FEM group hosted a seminar entitled Bio-Bayes: Applications of Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory at Viikki Campus on 2.12.2013. (3.12.2013)
  • The final seminar of ECOSEAL project will be held on 28.11. in Helsinki (Viikinkaari 4, Cultivator II) at 12-16. (18.11.2013)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "Probabilistic inference and prediction with deterministic models" in the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) workshop on stock assessment methods in Hobart, Australia, on 28.11.2013. (18.11.2013)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "Baltic grey seals - balancing between sustainable management and fisheries" at the MODSIM conference on 3.12.2013. (18.11.2013)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "Probabilistic ecosystem model for predicting the nutrient concentrations in the Gulf of Finland" at the MODSIM conference on 6.12.2013. (18.11.2013)
  • Sakari Kuikka, Jarno Vanhatalo and Rich Little (CSIRO, Australia) organize a session on Multidisciplinary modelling of marine and coastal resources at the MODSIM conference on 3.12.2013. (18.11.2013)
  • Samu Mäntyniemi will give his inaugural lecture on December 4th in the Great Hall of the University Main Building. A presentation video (in Finnish) is available here. (31.10.2013)
  • Mirka Laurila-Pant will give a talk titled 'Luontoarvot puntarissa - uhanalaisten lajien ja luontotyyppien huomioiminen öljyntorjunnan suunnittelussa' at LUOVA day 2013: Conservation planning - theory and practice in Helsinki on October 24th. (18.10.2013)
  • Riikka Venesjärvi will give a talk on marine spatial planning and marine conservation at the Gulf of Finland Trilateral Scientific Forum in Tallinn on October 16th. (11.10.2013)
  • A number of members of the FEM group will give talks at the ICES Annual Science Conference, 23-27 September 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The talks will be given in Theme Session Q titled "Advantages of Bayesian analysis for fisheries and ecological research", see the program for further details. (19.9.2013)
  • A 4 year PhD student vacancy in fisheries stock assessment modelling. (22.8.2013)
  • Asta Audzijonyte started her work in the FEM group. (12.8.2013)
  • Paul Blomstedt started his work in the FEM group. (12.8.2013)
  • A new research project starts: The LRF Research Centre for Arctic Shipping and Operations for 1.9.2013-31.8.2018. The project description. Open PhD student position.(12.7.2013)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo receives the Academy post doctoral researcher funding from the Academy of Finland for 1.9.2013-31.8.2016. Public description of his project. (23.5.2013)
  • Riikka Venesjärvi gives a talk on "Marine spatial planning tool for the conservation of the most sensitive under-water areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea" in the international symposium of Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping GEOHAB 2013 on May 7th. (30.4.2013).
  • Sakari Kuikka gives a talk on "The Role of Science in Creating Best Practices for Oil Industry Activities: Modeling of Unseen Impacts" in Montana State University on April 9th. (2.4.2013)
  • Sakari Kuikka gives a talk on "Experiences in applying Bayesian inference in oil spill and fisheries risk analysis: applications in ECOKNOWS project" in the Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus, on the 1st April, 2014. (2.4.2013)
  • Sakari Kuikka gives talk on "Sophisticated models and algorithms for fisheries management and risk analysis, the methodological approaches of the ECOKNOWS project (FP7" in JRC Italy on March 26th. (22.3.2013)
  • OILRISK final seminar will be organized on 7th of February 2013 at Hanasaari Cultural Centre, auditorium Astrid. Registration by 30th of January via e-mail to merikotka (at) (25.1.2013)
  • Sakari Kuikka is nominated into the council of societal interactions (yhteiskunnallisen vuorovaikutuksen neuvosto) of University of Helsinki (9.1.2013)



  • Jarno Vanhatalo partisipates in the final conference and workshop of Intersik project in Umeå Sweden on 20-21.10.2011.
  • Sakari Kuikka is one of the speakers in informational event "Four Corners to the Baltic" (Neljä kulmaa Itämereen). The theme of this fourth part of the seminar series is "Baltic and research". The focus group of the event is journalists and it takes place in SYKE on 3.10.2011.
  • FEM group will move to a new building in the Viikki campus in the end of October 2011. The new visiting address will be Viikinkaari 2, 2nd floor. All other contact information will remain unchanged.
  • Research coordinator Eveliina Klemola will be on leave of absence from October 7th 2011 onwards. Kirsi Hoviniemi will take over her duties.
  • The kick-off meeting of the project MIMIC will be held in Helsinki September 5th-6th 2011. More information on the new project at
  • Sakari Kuikka is one of the conveners of the Theme Session R "Integration of multidiscplinary knowledge in the Baltic Sea to support science-based management" in the ICES Annual Science Confererence, Gdansk 19th - 23rd September. Additionally, FEM-members Mika Rahikainen, Jarno Vanhatalo and Päivi Haapasaari have presentations in sessions G, M, & R. More information can be found here.
  • Sakari Kuikka is one of the theme session conveners in MODSIM 2011, Perth, 12. - 16.12.2011. The session is titled "Multidisciplinary Risk Modelling in the Management of Ocean and Coastal Resources". The other session conveners are Rich Little and Olivier Thebaud (CSIRO, Australia). More information can be found here.
  • FEM office in Kotka, together with the whole Kotka Maritime Research Centre, will move to a new office in Datariina, a centre of digital business, in the heart of the City of Kotka in July 2011.
  • ECOKNOWS Main Meeting 2 in Copenhagen, Denmark May 23rd - 26th 2011
  • FEM group participates in HENVI Science Days on Interdisciplinary Environmental Research and Teaching on April 7th - 8th 2011 with poster "Bayesian network - a flexible tool to integrate multidisciplinary knowledge".
  • March 11. 2011, 8-9:30 am. Helsinki -insight coffee seminar with topic "Oil Risks in the Baltic area". Sakari Kuikka will be one of the speakers. More information and registration here.
  • Jakfish-conference 8.-9.3.2011 in Brussels.
  • Inari Helle will give a talk to oil combatting troops of WWF with the title "Effects of the oil in the nature" 1st of December at SYKE.
  • Samu Mäntyniemi participated the Fishery Dependent Information (FDI) Conference 2010, in Galway, Ireland, with the oral presentation: "Participatory fisheries stock assessment using Bayesian model averaging".
  • Poster presentation in the Fishery Dependent Information (FDI) Conference 2010, in Galway, Ireland. Päivi Haapasaari, Samu Mäntyniemi and Sakari Kuikka: Framing the problem with stakeholders: five views to herring fishery management.
  • Logo design competition is over and the winner is Krista Mäkinen / Potra Girl Design / Helsinki. Congratulations!
  • Project SAFGOF is organising its closing seminar Research for the Baltic on November 16th at Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka.
  • Inari Helle will give a speach (in Finnish) titled "Oil spills in inland waters - need to worry?" at 60th anniversary seminar of The Finnish Limnological Society at Lammi on November 11th.
  • Riikka Venesjärvi will give a speach (in Finnish) with title "History of the oil spills in Finnish marine areas after the second world war" on November 5th at community college in Helsinki.
  • Sakari Kuikka is among invited speakers at Faculty's Octoberfest on October 7th.
  • Samu Mäntyniemi is lecturing course Probability models and decision analysis during the fall term at Helsinki University.
  • FEM is organizing an open logo design competition. The aim is to design a representative and up-to-date graphical emblem for the Fisheries and Environmental Management Group. The competition begins on September 2nd and ends October 31st 2010. See the competition call and rules (both only in Finnish).
  • New FEM coordinated EU project ECOKNOWS has been granted funding! Kick off meeting takes place in Helsinki October 18th-20th.
  • FEM members are participating in Climate Modelling School at SMHI, Norrköping, 13 October 2010.
  • Samu Mäntyniemi is among invited speakers in Bonus+ workshop Uncertainties of scenario simulations, SMHI, Norrköping, Sweden 14 October 2010.
  • ICES ASC 2010 this year in Nantes, France, between 20 and 24 September. FEM contributed with four presentations: Helle et al., Kuikka et al., Lehikoinen et al. and Pulkkinen et al. .
  • Annukka Lehikoinen participated in International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships on June 14th - 16th 2010 Espoo, Finland. Her presentation was titled: SAFGOF a cross-disciplinary modeling approach to minimizing the ecological risks of maritime oil transportation in the Gulf of Finland. Download here.