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The Fisheries and Environmental Management Group (FEM) focuses on the interaction between ecosystems and human society. Our research interests are

  • Decision analysis of renewable resources and biodiversity
  • Identification and quantification of risks in the use of natural resources
  • Integrating different sources of data and knowledge: Bayesian analysis
  • Cross discplinary modelling of exploitation processes of natural resources in the face of risks and uncertainty in the information

The leader of the group is professor Sakari Kuikka. The group works at two locations, in Viikki campus in Helsinki and in Kotka Maritime Research Center in Kotka.

The FEM group co-operates with governmental research organizations such as FGFRI and SYKE, as well research groups and organizations such as the Environmental Geoinformatics Group, Helsinki University of Technology, Fisheries Economics in the Department of Economics and Management, and Kotka Maritime Research Centre.


  • Anna Kuparinen has been appointed as an associate editor of the Journal of Animal Ecology (27.10.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo will give a talk on grey seal by-catch in the HELCOM Seal Expert Group in October 22nd (20.10.2014)
  • The latest article by Anna Kuparinen was featured in Helsingin Sanomat and Kauppalehti as well as faculty news (20.10.2014)
  • Maisa Nevalainen will give a talk at the VINOIL seminar in Aalto University on 31st Nov (10.10.2014)
  • Anna Kuparinen will give a talk at the University of Arizona (USA) on 10th Nov (8.10.2014)
  • Annukka Lehikoinen defended her thesis: "Bayesian Network applications for environmental risk assessment" 5.9.2014 (12.9.2014)
  • Dunja Jusufovski has received a CIMO Fellowship grant for nine months. (19.6.2014)
  • Anna Kuparinen has been appointed as Adjunct of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the Department of Biology, Dalhousie University, Canada. (5.6.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "The current status and the future of Baltic grey seal population" at the Statistical Ecology conference on 2.7.2014. (13.5.2014)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo gives a talk on "Assessing the current status of Baltic grey seal population and predicting its future" at the 25th Nordic conference in Mathematical statistics on 3.6.2014. (13.5.2014)
  • A symposium hosted by the FEM group, entitled Ecological Basis of Risk Analysis for Marine Ecosystems will be held on 2nd - 4th June 2014 in Porvoo, Finland. (17.12.2013)
  • The FEM group joins the Center of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations together with groups from Aalto University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Memorial University of Newfoundland (29.1.2014).
  • The article by Kuparinen et al. about hybridization of roach and bream has gained a lot of interest in national media: Yle kotimaa, Aamulehti, Kauppalehti, Turun Sanomat, Tekniikka & Talous Iltasanomat, Lapin Kansa, Helsingin Sanomat, MTV uutiset, UutisAalto, Erä-lehti, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Länsi-Suomi (20.-22.1.2014).

Past news and activities are here.

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