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Research group

The Developmental Psychology Research Group is part of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences , which is a part of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Helsinki. We focus on the developmental aspects of human growth and early life stress, and their effects on the well-being of an individual.

The research group is led by Academy professor Katri Räikkönen. The staff also include three adjunct professors, Kati Heinonen, Anu-Katriina Pesonen and Jari Lahti, and two post-doctoral researchers, Marius Lahti and Riikka Pyhälä. We also have nine doctoral students: Kadri Kaasik, Satu Kumpulainen, Liisa Kuula-Paavola, Silja Martikainen, Ville Rantalainen, Sara Sammallahti, Katri Savolainen, Elina Seppä and Soile Tuovinen. Our research nurse Eija Lahdensuo manages the ITU project with the help of our wonderful research assistants. We also work in close collaboration with research groups led by professor Johan Eriksson and adjunct professor Eero Kajantie at the National Institute of Health and Welfare.

Feel free to browse the sections on the left for information on our group and the research we do. For more information about us, please check our individual profiles and latest publications in the Research Database Tuhat, or see up-to-date information on courses and tuition in WebOodi (in Finnish).

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